Inspired by the natural environment and our relationship with it, Heather is captured by the sense of well being and identity summoned by experiencing land and seascape spaceexpressing through poetic interpretation. Paintings will sometimes include the figure or an object that has inspired. Proficient in many different media, Heather will combine or select media to best express a particular concept or emotion. Heather is very naturally experimental, pushing conventional norms but always with sound drawing skills underpinning the work. Heather combines working en plein air with studio based practice, utilising immediate on site studies with photography, memory and imagination.

About Heather

British artist Heather Gray-Newton is a multimedia artist whose fundamental interest is in our relationship with places and objects. Her work is held in private collections within the UK.


Heather was credited with a Masters in Visual Art from West Dean College, (Sussex University) in 2006. Since then she has won the Stride Open (The Oxmarket, Chichester) and gained entry in a number of National Open Exhibitions with watercolour and mixed media pieces. Heather was also part of the Unity Studio project, Chichester and has continued to work with Dr Sharon-Michi Kusunoki on private group exhibitions for projects such as 'All that Remains: The Sinking of The Titanic' and 'Tutankhamun'. These exquisite exhibitions have been created for educational purposes, fusing art with history and Heather has participated in presentations for these and other events.

Heather's spacial awareness and conceptual thinking was initially honed through her First Class Hons Degree in 3/D Design, learning architectural interior design through lecturers from the Architectural Association, London. Prior to committing to becoming a professional artist, Heather worked professionally as a Commercial Interior Designer, an Architectural Assistant, a Graphic Designer and as a Teacher of Art.